How to make the most of an attic with a functional and beautiful space

How to make the most of an attic with a functional and beautiful space

The attic or the attic are often the great forgotten in a house. With imagination, it is possible to give many uses to these spaces and prevent them from being simple storage rooms. From an extra room to a children’s playroom, an office, a spa? The possibilities are many.

The ideal is that you adapt it to your needs, so nothing better than following some tips to keep the space always up to date. Today we review some tips and ideas for remodeling an attic to gain functionality without sacrificing style.

Enhance the light through color
The first tip is that in this space should use the same ‘tip’ as in the rest of the house: use light colors to gain a sense of light. Remember that it does not have to be a small and narrow place.


A seat by the window
One of the possibilities offered by this space is to create a corner to sit, enjoy the view and relax. You will be much more willing to spend time in this part of the house, whether to read, listen to music or just relax.


A workspace
If you still work from home and need to create a new ‘home office’, give wings to your imagination and create your workspace with all the gadgets and comfort you need.

An area for the little ones
If you have children at home, you know that games are the order of the day…, you don’t need to have everything in the living room. Prepare the attic with blankets, puffs and benches for the little ones to enjoy the space. They will be able to play, read and create lots of memories.


Relax and privacy in your own spa
If you have always wanted to have a spa, but do not have space in your bathroom to put a jacuzzi, a good alternative is to use the space of the attic or loft. It is a complicated and expensive project, but it will allow you to have an oasis at home where you can relax.

A multipurpose space
You can opt for a minimalist decor to create a multipurpose space. If you keep it in light colors, you will manage to create the effect of a larger space, and if you keep simple furniture such as chairs, table and sofas/puffs, you can create areas for leisure, study, work or even a romantic corner for a different candlelit dinner.

Play area or leisure gatherings
Use the loft as a pretext to organize gatherings with friends by turning it into a gaming area. Whether consoles or board games, nothing better than a space that allows fun without disturbing the rest of the family.