We handle each property in a unique way

Feel exclusive

At Lazuli we know that each property has its own personality, things that make it something unique, that will make someone fall in love and buy it. That’s why we handle each one and their owners in a unique way.

We experience many things in our homes that accompany us all of our lives, we can let go of a home, but we will never lose the memories and emotions that we lived in it.

We care that the owners of the properties we manage feel at ease throughout the sales process, that they can be at peace, that they know work is being done, and in the the right direction, to meet their sales goals.

We have plenty of experience selling properties and we know what it entails, that’s why we are, from the beginning to the end, by the owner’s side, to advise him, help him, make the process easier and find the right buyer.

We offer home owners the utmost discretion, we aim to keep their privacy and we take care of managing everything necessary for the sale to be as smooth and fast as possible.

We have clients in all parts of the world, we offer them a comprehensive service so that relocating to our country is as comfortable as possible and one of the very first needs they have is to find a new home.

We know where to find the buyers for your property.

Your home is in good hands

We have the best tools to sell your house.

Our extensive experience in the real estate market since 2006 gives us a great knowledge about the market moves and what buyers want at all times.

We are experts in singular, exclusive properties and we know how to manage them from start to finish.

A marketing plan just for you

Each property is handled in a unique way, that is why we prepare an individual marketing plan for each one, highlighting the best from each home to make them more attractive in such a competitive market. We use the latest technology to showcase your home in the best platforms.

Your home can be showcased worldwide

Our marketing channels reach any corner of the world, we have a large network of international and national collaborators looking for properties in our region. Our sales team speaks different languages to attend our clients in their own language.
Sell with Lazuli


In order to sell a property you must get it ready, if you want to get the highest possible price, it must present the best version of itself. We have a team specialized in interior design and Home Staging that will prepare your home to create the best digital material and leave it in optimum condition to be launched onto the market.


Our buyer wants transparency in their purchases and we put together a dossier of each property with all the criteria that can influence the purchase, to make the decision as quick and easy as possible for them. We arrange everything so that all they have to decide is which house they like best.